The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has been gaining significant attention and popularity in recent years. With the success of the United States women’s national soccer team and the growing interest in women’s sports, investing in the NWSL can be a lucrative opportunity. Whether you are a soccer enthusiast or simply looking for new investment opportunities, this beginner’s guide will provide you with the information you need to get started in investing in the NWSL.

The Rise of Women’s Soccer

Women’s soccer has come a long way in terms of recognition and support. The success of the US women’s national soccer team in major international tournaments, including winning the World Cup multiple times, has significantly increased the visibility and popularity of the sport. As a result, the NWSL, which is the top professional women’s soccer league in the United States, has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

Investing in the NWSL allows you to capitalize on this upward trend and support the development of women’s soccer. It not only provides financial benefits but also contributes to the empowerment and advancement of female athletes, creating opportunities for the next generation of soccer stars.

Evaluating Potential Investments

Before diving into the world of NWSL investments, it is crucial to understand how to evaluate potential opportunities. Just like any other investment, thorough research and analysis are essential to make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

One of the key factors to consider when evaluating potential investments in the NWSL is the financial stability of the league and its teams. Look into the league’s financial reports, sponsorship deals, ticket sales, and attendance figures to gauge the overall health of the organization. Additionally, examining the team’s history, performance on the field, and fan base can provide valuable insights into their potential for long-term success.

  • Financial stability: Look into the league’s financial reports, sponsorship deals, ticket sales.
  • Team performance: Examine the team’s history, performance on the field.
  • Fan base: Consider the team’s fan base and their engagement.

Investment Options in the NWSL

There are several investment options available for those interested in the NWSL. One of the most common ways to invest is by purchasing shares of a team. Some NWSL teams, such as the Portland Thorns FC, offer partial ownership opportunities that provide fans and investors with both financial returns and a sense of community.

Another investment option is to invest in NWSL-related businesses. These can include companies that produce and sell NWSL merchandise, provide sporting equipment, or sponsor the league and its teams. This type of investment allows you to indirectly support the NWSL while diversifying your portfolio.

Benefits and Risks of Investing in the NWSL

As with any investment, there are both benefits and risks associated with investing in the NWSL. Understanding these factors is crucial in making informed investment decisions.

One of the major benefits of investing in the NWSL is the potential for long-term growth. With the increasing popularity of women’s soccer and the continued development of the league, there is a possibility for significant financial returns over time. Additionally, investing in the NWSL provides the opportunity to support gender equality and women’s empowerment in sports, which can be a rewarding aspect for many investors.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the risks involved in NWSL investments. As with any sports investment, there are uncertainties surrounding the performance and success of individual teams. Factors such as player injuries, changes in coaching staff, and fluctuations in fan support can influence the team’s financial performance and, consequently, the value of your investment.


Investing in the NWSL can be an exciting and rewarding venture for both soccer enthusiasts and investors looking for new opportunities. The rise of women’s soccer and the increasing popularity of the NWSL present the potential for long-term growth and financial returns.

By conducting thorough research and evaluation, understanding the investment options available, and considering the benefits and risks, you can make informed decisions when investing in the NWSL. Remember, investing in the NWSL is not only a financial endeavor but also an opportunity to support and contribute to the advancement of women’s soccer.